Towering Moments

Precisely why we still need, and will always need, hand-drawn animation. Stunning.

Nailed it.

This guy is totally, OCD-level nuts, but I find him inspiring nonetheless.


Godzilla (2014)

Fuck the haters. 2014 had / is having an outstanding blockbuster season.


Godzilla (2014)

Fuck the haters. 2014 had / is having an outstanding blockbuster season.

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When Sam comes back from The Grey Havens and he sits down by the fireside with a baby on his knee, and he says, “Well, I’m back.” Michael Swanick, the greatest acted writer of fantasy in the world today, said, “That’s the most heartbreaking line in modern literature.” Why…?

Because it means a lot. What it means is: “I gave up immortality. I came back. I gave up eternal life. I’ve come back. To be with you. I’ve come back to Death…”

But also, it means: “I’ve come back to Death, but I’ve come back to Life, as well. I’ve got a long life to go, and I’m gonna be married…and I’ve got my children growing up, and my grandchildren growing up… I’ve made a choice, and it’s a difficult choice. And it’s a choice between two very different things. But I’ve done it…

I’m back. That’s all.”

—Tom Shippey

Nearing the door, Gandalf pulls Frodo aside, warning him that he will face peril from both outside and within the Fellowship. A tall figure passes close to Frodo and Gandalf as they speak, startling them, but the camera does not reveal the passer-by’s identity. Cor anglais, then strings, sing “The History of the Ring”, but the harmonic pattern is notably different. No longer does the line begin over a minor chord. Here, “History” begins on the raised fourth of an Ab major chord, then descends to a G minor harmonization. This allows the theme to begin in Lydian, but end in a minor mode. What seems fair might be foul.

Doug Adams


I never got to say goodbye. I don’t even know what I would have said… I have all this anger inside me, and I’m scared that once it’s gone there won’t be anything underneath.

Just had a complete fucking meltdown and almost literally put my fist through a wall because I thought I’d lost two days and almost a dozen pages of work, stuff I don’t think I could ever replicate. Pieced it all back together from various back ups.

Moral of the story: back up your fucking work. In triplicate.